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The home page for the harrow personal trainer website. Where you can find the basic information about our company: FitPro2U and our Personal Training Studio,BetterBodies Fitness studios, and the services we offer.

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The about me page where you can find out all about Karim Kinch, the owner of FitPro2U and BetterBodies Fitness Studios. And one of the leading personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and body composition specialists in the UK.

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The blog page for Harrow Personal Trainer. Below you can find a list of all of our posts.

The joy of running

Why I love running and why I believe the benefits go way beyond just the physical.

Have you fallen for the Power Balance bracelet scam?

While at the BodyPower Expo at the NEC Birmingham, I came across these bracelets, purporting to improve your balance when worn and turn you into some sort of superhuman. Scam?


In Park Personal Training in Harrow

Should Women Use Free Weights?

In this blog post, we explore the benefits that women can get from training with free weights.

Metabolic conditioning

Metabolic Conditioning or Met-Con is a great way to work out if you are short on time and want to maximize your efforts towards gaining a leaner, fitter body. Read all about it here.

Are You Fighting Fit?

If you are interested in improving your fitness levels for fighting arts like boxing, grappling, Muay Thai or MMA. Or maybe you are focused more on reality-based self-defense. Whatever your fighting preference, this post is for you.

Harrow Personal Trainer Expansion

At Harrow Personal Trainer we are looking to expand into new areas.

HI All

Bodybuilding 101 – Top 10 Mistakes

The top 10 biggest mistakes that could be stopping you from attaining your bodybuilding goals.

What you need to know about tummy fat

Losing fat is so much more than simply “calories in, calories out”. Here we take a look at stress and how it may be affecting your ability to lose that fat sitting on your tummy.

Running for Fitness – Should You Sprint?

We have heard a lot about the benefits of jogging. But what about it’s shorter, more intense cousin? can sprinting help you lose weight and get fitter?

Building Leg Muscle – Squat V Leg Press

The debate has been going on for decades. Which is better for leg development? The squat or the leg press? Is the squat a safe exercise to do? Does the leg press work the same muscles? And do you really need to squat to build great legs?

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Are you suffering from hypothyroidism? We take a look at what it is and the symptoms to look out for.

Low Thyroid Help – Is at Hand

What to do if you are suffering from hypothyroidism. We take look at some of the natural methods you can use to help with this devastating disease.

Work with your body to fight fat

Why does it sometimes seem that your body is fighting your efforts to lose fat and get that body you dream of? Well, in a way it is. How is it doing this and how can you fight back?

Work with your body to fight fat (part 2)

We continue with our investigation into the intricacies of fat loss and how to work with your bodies’ hormonal system to get better results.

Work with your body to fight fat (part 3)

The final part of this three-part series.  Here we take a look at the bacteria in your gut and discuss how an imbalance of good to bad bacteria can affect your body’s ability to lose fat.