Work with your body to fight fat (part 1)

The fitness industry has exploded in the last decade with so many new and exciting trends taking off. From Crossfit to bare workouts. From online training to MMA inspired workouts, there has been a proliferation of choice for the fitness enthusiast to choose from. On the nutrition front, there are interesting discoveries being made on nearly … Read moreWork with your body to fight fat (part 1)

Building Leg Muscle – Squat V Leg Press

“Everyone wants big legs but no one wants to squat”   I have heard this quote many times in gyms throughout the years, usually by the guys sporting the biggest legs. There has been more controversy over the years about this exercise than any other. Some hail it as the king of all exercises while others denounce … Read moreBuilding Leg Muscle – Squat V Leg Press

Running for Fitness – Should You Sprint?

“Running: a means of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. It is simply defined in athletics terms as a gait in which at regular points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground.” From Wikipedia A long-winded way to describe something that we all enjoyed doing as … Read moreRunning for Fitness – Should You Sprint?