Looking For A Personal Trainer In Harrow Or Wembley But Don’t Like The Gym?

Here at Harrow Personal Trainer the top personal trainer in Harrow and founder of FitPro2U Personal Training Systems, Karim Kinch specializes in mobile personal training throughout Harrow and the surrounding areas.



What you can expect from Harrow personal trainer

  • We come to you, no need to travel to the gym
  • No wandering aimlessly from machine to machine with no one to help you
  • No need to feel awkward or self-conscious
  • No waiting around for equipment
  • Your own fully qualified personal trainer anywhere in Harrow
  • Workout and nutrition plans created for you
  • Guaranteed results

Our mobile personal training service is ideal for you, if you are committed to getting into peak physical condition, finally losing those extra pounds or would like to have some fun with our boxing or Muay Thai kick boxing workouts.When you workout with me on a one-on-one basis in the privacy of your own home, you will find it much easier to get a really effective workout.Without the distractions of a busy/noisy commercial gym, you can really focus on your workout and get more done in a shorter period of time.

At Harrow Personal Trainer we aim to make personal training fun, while giving you the results you want.

Call: 07870893751


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