Have you fallen for the Power Balance bracelet scam?

I attended this year’s Body power expo at the NEC in  Birmingham and first off I must congratulate the organisation on a truly well run and entertaining show. Now while doing the rounds of the many stands at this years event, I was stopped by a very attractive lady who asked me if I would like to take part in a demonstration; never being one to turn down a pretty young woman I agreed and I must confess that what followed next had me both amazed and puzzled.
First, she had me stand on one leg with both arms outstretched to the side and asked me to try and retain my balance while she pushed down on one of my arms. Needless to say, I lost balance almost immediately and toppled to one side.
She then asked me to assume the position again but this time she placed a small plastic bracelet on my shoulder and once again asked me to resist while she pushed as hard as she could on my outstretched arm, but this time something amazing happened, the harder she pushed the stronger and more balanced I felt and no matter how hard she tried she could not move me. Next, she stood by my side and asked me to cup her fist in my hand while she pushed straight down, again she unbalanced me quite easily. She then placed the bracelet in my hand and tried the test again and once more I became immovable.
After some more demonstrations on me and a friend who was with me, she went on to explain the “science” behind this amazing product. And rattled off a list of celebrities who swear by the bands. While I was there I saw a number of very impressed people buying the bands but decided to decline and do a bit of research myself as the “science” did not seem to make any sense. A quick search on the internet confirmed my suspicions and this is some of what I found.Power Balance come clean and offer refundsPower Balance maker admits bands are worthless

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